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Sports and leisure

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Tennis court

Guests can enjoy a synthetic turf tennis court.

Playing on synthetic turf is softer than on Quick or asphalt, and the ball bounce is similar to that on clay.

Another advantage of turf is that, after heavy rain, the court dries up very quickly.

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Swimming pool

An 8.50 x 4-meter pool is available to guests at specific hours of the day.

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The park

Trees, symbols of strength and longevity, are the most revitalizing elements of nature. Take the time to relax in this large park with trees that are over 100 years old: 6 of them are classified as “remarkable trees” by the Région wallonne.

What to do in Roux-Miroir and the vicinity?


The Brabant Hesbaye: a paradise for hikers and bikers!

With the exceptional natural heritage, the countryside’s soft, rolling hills, and the endless horizons of the Hesbaye brabançonne, this area is an ideal destination for green tourism. A staggering 350 km of signposted walks, bicycle loops, geocaching, art trails, etc. are here to enchant visitors.

Among the area’s itineraries: Lines L142 and L147 of the RAVeL, paths GR 579 and GRP 127, Rando-Vélo RV2-RV4 itineraries; the area is entirely covered by the Points-Nœuds network.


Magnificent square farms, Jodoigne (the cradle of the famous Gobertange white stone), the Pastur castle, the Notre-Dame-du-Marché chapel with its concerts and shows, the pretty village of Mélin, the castle and the provincial domain of Hélécine, the festivals at Tourinnes-la-Grosse, the Glimes tumulus (burial mound), the scarecrow festival in Piétrebais, the Opprebais quarry, the city of Louvain-la-Neuve with the Hergé museum, the L museum etc. Countless reasons for a stay in Roux-Miroir!


To learn more about the area, please visit it has tons of great ideas!

Leisure and sports : 


Let us not forget the rich gastronomy of our area, from tables d’hôtes to starred restaurants of prestigious chefs.

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